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Most of us prefer to rest on the sea in summer. If you are one of those people, then you should definitely think about sailing on yacht. Of course this is not the cheapest fun, but for the last time more and more people buy or rent the yacht to make their holiday active, interesting and memorable. But before you rent a yacht, it is necessary to learn all possible options for yachts, their operating features, as well as the positive and negative sides.

At the moment there are only three basic types of yachts - motor, sailboat and motor-sailing. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, which should be known in advance.


The first yacht, which created a man, appeared thousand years ago. Such images of vessels can be found in ancient Egyptian papyri. As we know from the theory, the first sailing ship appeared in Scandinavia. So the main advantage of sailboats is their movement only due to the wind. However, there are some minuses, because during the dead calm vessel will stand on one place. Another disadvantage of such boats is a difficult control, large square of sails and also their cost relative to a motor boat. Price increases due to the difficult construction and the structure of the masts, but sailing is much more pleasant and more romantic.


Motor yacht usually made of steel, unlike the sailboats which often made of wood. In these yachts are embedded diesel engines and the movement is carried out by them. But this view is misleading, because for motor yachts designed special engines that consume less fuel. But even in this case don’t forget about the reserve fuel. The speed of this boat is much higher than on sailboats, and this is a significant plus during the choosing a yacht. However, one of the major drawbacks of motor yacht is its expensive service because a diesel engine requires a significant investment and a mandatory examination before each sailing. And find a good master is hard enough.

In any case, before making a choice, it is necessary to consult with a professional and find out all positive and negative sides. Based on these factors, you can make your choice, but don’t forget also about the price offered for the rental of yachts. Price depends on a year of release the vessel, the size and many other factors. Moreover, the tastes of all people are different, respectively someone chooses sailboat for a romantic atmosphere, and someone wants to feel the full power and speed, so choose a motor yacht. This article has been prepared by ALS Group –it’s the best yacht charter in Montenegro .

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